I Freschi San Bartolomeo al Mare Appartamaneti Vacanze

I Freschi provides eight unique and original lodgings, each having its own size, colours and furniture, but all enriched with wooden ceilings and beams, cute and intimate rooms divided by thick stone walls with arches, steps, niches and vaults remembering fairy tales of our youth.

Restoration has been realised with great respect for the original elements of the typical rural architecture and materials of the area, which have been enriched with bright colours, sometimes daring but harmonious, design lights, modern plants and services perfect for nowadays needs.

Furniture has been carefully selected as well, the old family’s pieces and some others discovered on the local vintage markets, have been preferred to the mass – production and, after a careful and fancy restoration realised by the owners themselves, they have become the main characters of an ambience where respect for places and for local traditions comes to life again: so that these houses may tell their own stories to their today guests…

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