The need to protect the local environment has exerted considerable influence over the choices we have made since the project to refurbish the old ruins got under way. Our concept of refurbishment is based on our desire to utilise the existing spaces with a view to limiting ‘consumption’ of the local area by yet more new buildings.

To this end, we analysed the original design of the buildings and their place within the local context, as well as the materials and methods used, all of which were heavily conditioned by the ‘anthropological’ factors prevalent at the time: the economic/social conditions, the environmental aspects, the energy requirements, etc.

The refurbishment operations we have implemented have undoubtedly restored ‘value’ to what, at first sight, seemed to be nothing but a useless, bulky ruin. This process has given ‘added value’ to a home with no notable artistic or architectural features, originally inhabited by poor Ligurian peasants, and it has also embellished the olive grove that surrounds the house. Indeed, the refurbishment operations have allowed people to appreciate the heritage of culture and history that the building embodies.

Once the structural work was complete, we moved on to the interiors, which were filled with fixtures and furnishings that were just about ready for the rubbish tip but which have now been imbued with a new sense of dignity and usefulness. The integration of the original fittings with modern design elements has helped to make I FRESCHI a most exclusive location, where everything is unique and inimitable.

Once the interiors had been brought up to scratch, we started to focus on running the property. We adopted an approach that is geared towards reducing energy consumption and lowering environmental impact.

This ‘philosophy’ underpins the quality of service offered to guests at I FRESCHI. By choosing to stay with us, our guests display their sensitivity to environmental and heritage issues: as such, it is not difficult for us to ask them to behave responsibly during their time at I FRESCHI.

Bassamarea – Beach&Sail

BEACH: THE “BASSAMAREA BEACH” OFFERS FOR “I FRESCHI” GUESTS. The guests of I FRESCHI enjoy a privileged agreement with Bassamarea Beach. BASSAMAREA is, in western Liguria, among the beaches with wider spaces and stands out in San Bartolomeo al Mare for its sandy surface and shallow waters, particularly suitable for children to play, who can […]

Whale Watching

Experience the thrill of seeing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, within the international sanctuary . Visit the website Whale Watch 

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